What You Need to Know About Installing an Infinity Pool

Infinity pool is one of the great innovations in pool designs. It tricks the eye of having a pool that extends to the horizon while providing an interesting focal point and design to your landscape. With such a beautiful and ingenious design, infinity pools are a master creation that only expert pool designers can do. One such masterpiece by Australian Spa and Pools team is one at Donvale. The pool matches the overall design of the property and offers large beach area for a kid-friendly pool experience.

Infinity Pool

(Image from the Website: https://www.australianspasandpools.com.au/portfolio/larne-avenue/)

If you consider having one in your property, here are the key information you need to understand so you could know if infinity pool is indeed right for you.

What is Infinity pool?

An infinity pool (or negative edge pool) is a pool that has an illusion of extending endlessly towards the horizon. A true infinity pool is built on sloped ground to allow the water to flow over all the edges towards a secondary pool or the catch basin. This type of design should not be confused with an overflow pool design where there’s only one section of overflow and that the water’s edge is at the same level as your deck or patio.

This effect is often appreciated when the pool is installed near a large body of water like a lake, sea, or ocean so it appears as if part of the view or landscape.

How does it work?

The “infinity” effect is achieved only with state of the art craftsmanship and design. It is a little tricky for pool designers as there are exacting components that have to be met:

  • Vanishing view

An appropriate and beautiful vanishing view is the core of every infinity pool. To have the perfect effect, the site should be specific: choosing the best orientation and shape. A gentle slope is the best choice.

  • Enough Catch basin

Infinity pools have one or more walls that catch the water from the overflowing pool–this is the catch basin. It is the trick behind the illusion of edgeless pool. The rule here is that the wall should not be too high to be seen or too low not to catch enough spillover water.

  • Additional Pump

The water collected in the catch basin is then pumped back to the pool. Infinity pools require another pump for the catch basin so the spillover water will circulate back into the pool and a filter that keeps debris and sediments away.

Is it hard to maintain?

Compared to standard pools, this require extra care when cleaning. Because it has the catch basin, cleaning requirement is doubled as this basin acts much like a mini pool. You also have to make sure that its filters are free of debris so the water will freely flow back to the pool. Water chemistry is not a problem. It requires no more than a standard pool.

Questions to Consider:

Here are a few questions you should ask before considering having one:

Do I have the desired scenery? The key here is having a desired scenery to top your infinity pool. It doesn’t have to be a beach front. A beautiful cityscape or green slope will do. If you live in the city or in flat land, you might want to get a reverse infinity pool, it but requires more space.

Do I have enough space?

An infinity pool is space-consuming: the more space you allot, the best that it will look.

Do I have the enough money to have one?

The beautiful infinity effect that no other standard pool can match costs extra expense. An infinity pool is more expensive compared to your usual in ground our above-ground pool designs. The site where the pool is to be installed, the additional pumps and filters and maintenance of the structural integrity all add up to the cost.

Cost of Infinity Pools

The cost of infinity pools is justifiably higher because of its exacting built and design. Here are some reasons why infinity pools are more expensive:

  • The design and structure is more complex so it requires engineers and architects to ensure best design and structural integrity.
  • The maintenance is a bit demanding as discussed above.
  • The design is complex enough to require larger space thus it is justifiably costly
  • The cost of infinity pool is more expensive, also because it needs more volume of water enough to spill over to the catch basin. And the water easily evaporates as it overflows thus you need to keep them filled.

It can be expensive but the mesmerizing look and experience it can give you are surely worth every penny. There are several ways to lessen the cost of building and maintaining your infinity pool, and all you have to do is contact ASAP.

Talk to our team of excellent swimming pool designers in Melbourne to help you design and plan an infinity pool that is best suited for your place and budget.

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