[INFOGRAPHIC] 7 Ways to Save Swimming Pool Water

Having a swimming pool in your backyard can be healthy, exciting, and fun. However, along with the fun and excitement is the dilemma of having higher water bills!

You read it right, your beautiful swimming pool is also the culprit that causes your water consumption to go uphill very quick! But wait, if you suddenly feel that it can become a burden, read on to further understand the real reasons behind those rising costs.

There are other factors that increase the chance of consuming and losing more water than what’s needed. These include leaks, splash from boisterous water play, and water-intensive cleaning of DE and sand filters.

To solve this problem, it doesn’t have to be in the way of filling up your pool with soil. Hence, there are several ways of proper pool maintenance that will enable you to reduce water consumption, save your pool from being transformed into a garden, and conserve water as a respect to earth’s resources.

Remember that it is very important to conserve water. The 3% of earth’s water consist of fresh water, and 1% is the only available for human consumption. Water can be scarce anytime, thus, it must be valued and protected. Do your part to reduce the water loss from pools and spas by doing a pool maintenance.

To provide you useful tips and information on how to conserve water on your pool property, here’s an infographic from  Australian Spas and Pools, Melbourne’s leading swimming pool construction and renovation company.

7 Ways to Save Swimming Pool Water


Do you have any additional ways on how to conserve swimming pool water? Share it by leaving your thoughts on the comment section below!

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