Demand for Swimming Pools Continues to Surge

Swimming pools remain a trend for homeowners in Western Australia, as the demand remains as high as ever.
According to state manager Bryce Steele of Swimming Pool and Spa Association of Western Australia, high demand for this amenity is constant with up to 4,000 pools installed annually in WA.

Demand for swimming pools increased over the years

Warm climate like that in Perth entices people to have swimming pool as family and entertainment drawing card. Landscape designer Denise Staffa said that West Australians have a strong liking for resort-style outdoor spaces which is the main drive for the demand on pools. “I feel the demand for swimming pools has actually increased over the years adding to the outdoor ‘resort-style’ living that the majority of our clients want to achieve,” Ms Staffa said.

Despite the shrinking block sizes, demand for pools are not affected. Contrarily more people consider smaller pools–opting for one rather than having none.

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